A compelling proof of value in the UK

Launched in the UK in September 2015, OakNorth was the first bank globally to leverage the OakNorth Credit Intelligence. This has enabled it to achieve results that rank it among the top 1% of commercial banks globally.
ROI_numbers_15 Cumulative defaults since inception
ROI_numbers_52percent LTV
ROI_numbers_1p29x copy NET LEVERAGE
ROI_numbers_26percent-1 RORE (2021) TARGETING 30+
ROI_numbers_11billion TOTAL LENDING SINCE 2015 LAUNCH
ROI_numbers_25 DEALS per RM vs. 8 AT AVG UK BANK
ROI_numbers_80_percent of new lending is referred



In 2005, OakNorth’s co-founders, Rishi Khosla and Joel Perlman, were looking for a working capital facility to support their growing business, Copal Partners, a financial research firm they’d founded three years previously.

They approached numerous banks in the UK where the business was headquartered and kept getting variations of the same response – “the computer says ‘No’”. Despite being a profitable business with strong cash flow and retained clients, none of the commercial banks were willing to lend to them. It was too small a ticket to offset the costs the bank would incur in doing a fundamental assessment of their business and structuring a finance facility for their needs.


A few months later through one of their institutional client’s special situations desk, they managed to secure 100x the amount of debt for a dividend recap. So, an institutional division of a bank was able to support them, but the commercial lending part of the bank was not.

This experience stuck with them.

After they scaled Copal Partners to a 3,000-employee business and it was acquired by Moody’s Corporation (NYSE: MCO) in 2014, they then set out to address the funding gap they had experienced first hand.

"OakNorth Credit Intelligence enables us to provide businesses with the bespoke deal structuring that’s typically reserved for large corporations. It brings credit insight about a borrower’s business back to the front line, democratizing this knowledge, so that our relationship managers have a deeper understanding of the business, its industry, and its sub-sector."

Neil Evans
Head of Credit Risk at OakNorth

Lending faster, smarter and more


Despite a challenging market, OakNorth has leant over a Billion pounds in the UK over the past year. With OakNorth Credit Intelligence, relationship managers have data at their fingertips for deep industry analysis, enabling them to make lending decisions faster and with more granular data.
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Opportunity and outcomes


Rishi and Joel wanted to first prove the proposition within their own bank in the UK – OakNorth – which would leverage OakNorth Credit Intelligence from the beginning.

Launched in September 2015, OakNorth leverages ON Monitoring and ON Scenario Analysis to provide fast, flexible and accessible debt finance (from £250k to £50m) to the Missing Middle of commercial borrowers in the UK.

Despite experiencing not one, but two unprecedented events (Brexit and COVID-19) in its fairly short history, OakNorth has leveraged ON Monitoring to lend several billion dollars to hundreds of businesses across the UK.


In 2020, OakNorth Bank was ranked as the fastest-growing business in Europe by the Financial Times (FT 1000), and has performance metrics that place it among the top 1% of commercial banks globally - an RORE of 26% (in 2022), an efficiency ratio of 26%, and a borrower Net Promoter Score of 70. Its loans have directly helped with the creation of tens of thousands of new homes and jobs across the country, as well as adding several billion dollars of GDP to the economy.

"The relationship managers on my team are able to transact several times more deals a year than they’ve been able to at other banks, as the technology unlocks efficiencies for them at the back end, so they have more time to originate new deals at the front end."

Ben Barbanel
Head of Debt Finance at OakNorth

Let's get ON with it

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